A Good Morning


She rolled over to the hazel pools of his eyes gazing at her intensely. She felt the flutter of butterflies.  Her silk chemise glided over her soft skin as he slowly slipped it over her head. He was gentle with her body, taking his time to caress and savor every inch. He placed kisses down her neck and made his way down to her navel. He teased her. Her body craved him. He pulled her face to his lips passionately kissing her. He laid her body down on the sheets to make her his special treat.

He licked. Each stroke of his tongue sent a chills up her spine. Licking slowly in circles, he began to suck on her gently. She could feel the waves go through her body. He continued to lick and kiss her. She could feel tingles starting in her toes make their way up her body. Pleasant sensations flowed  over her body. Each moment was more intense than before. Her sweet moans were the most delightful melody to his ears.

He wanted to make her love come down like waterfall. He devoured her sweetness. He pulled her legs around his shoulders as they began to tremble. Her hands gripped the sheets as she attempted to contain herself. Every stroke of his tongue left her more breathless than the last. He continued to focus on her pleasure. She couldn't hold it in. Like a flood, a waves of pleasure flowed over her body. He licked his lips and said, "Good morning baby."  

Make it a good morning. 

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