A Special Treat for You


      Her feet touched the plush white rug as she stepped out of her bathe. Water dripped down the curves of her body. She looked at herself in the mirror taking in the seductive curves of her body. She rubbed oils into her skin leisurely covering every inch of her frame. She lightly misted her favorite perfume with hints of sandalwood and vanilla over her body.       

     Laid before her was a delicate black teddy. The lace wrapped her breasts like a gift and hugged her hips. She slipped on her favorite pair of strappy stilettos and gave herself a look in the mirror. She poured herself a glass of her favorite red wine, turned down the lights low, and let the music flow.  She knew that tonight was going to be a real treat for her self-care. 

Remember to take time daily to care for yourself.

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