She walked past him as whiffs of her sweet perfume whisked into his nose. He stared at her intently. The stride in her walk and the sway of her hips was an enticing dance drawing him into her. He couldn't help himself. He walked over and said, "Hello, may I have a moment of your time?" As she spun to face this inquiring stranger, she glanced into his deep blue eyes. She was left breathless. 

"Yes?" she said. He replied,"I was watching as you walked and I had to tell you how absolutely stunning you are."  She felt herself blush. "Thank you."

"If you wouldn't mind, I would love to take you to dinner. I know an excellent restaurant that serves the finest cuisine." She thought to herself quietly. "That would be wonderful."  She gave him her number. As she walked away to her destination she heard a ping from her phone. 

"I cannot wait to see you again."  She smiled.

A feminine woman is a beautiful magnet. She draws to herself lovely experiences, opportunities and people. Attract your heart's desires. 

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