Embrace Our Stretch Marks

     Over the years sexy has become equated with perfection and we have lost sight of what it is to be SEXY. Body shaming yourself can have a toll on your sex life. When you are unhappy with yourself it is hard to feel sexy, therefore, you may not want to be intimate with your partner.

     Life happens! Over time our weight naturally fluctuates from nicely shaped tummies, to flat tummies, to muffin tops, and after all this yo-yo fluctuating and stretching of our skin we are left with some tiger stripes, "aka" stretch marks. Even though people, "including men," have stretch marks, unfortunately, we are still taught by society that stretch marks are unsexy and women should be ashamed of them.  F*** that!!!  I’m here to tell all you ladies that stretch marks are sexy and it’s time to embrace them! Think of stretch marks as the ultimate bada** tattoo of femininity.

      Okay...let’s look at this in a different way... Fingerprints make people unique due to the fact there is no one with the same fingerprints as you. Stretch marks are the same, there’s no one with the same design, and that makes you extra unique! Okay, okay, okay, just hear me out… Stretch marks shows courage, strength, and love. Carrying a little human for 9 months. That shows courage, strength, and love. Or Being overweight and you taking control of your life by eating healthier, working out, or having a painful surgery. That took courage, strength, and love also. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy is a map of a love story and are road maps to the goodies, so tell your partner to grab a toy car and pick which path they want to take.

      Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear so women trust yourselves and know you are sexy!



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Sex, Love, and the B.S.
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