How Often Should You Replace Your Panties?

When is the exact right time to throw out old panties and purchase new ones? How often should you really purchase new panties and lingerie? We all know that lingerie can make you feel sensual and beautiful. However can old lingerie make you feel the exact opposite? Here are a few things you should consider when deciding whether you should purchase new panties or not.

First I understand that everyone has their tried and true favorite pair of panties. They have seen you through so much whether it was that awesome party you won't ever forget or just helping you to feel super sexy. It may seem a bit wasteful to throw out old panties but trust me, it is for the best. 

By industry standards, you should replace your panties every six months to a year. However I would actually suggest replacing them every three to six months. Remember that your panties touch your most intimate parts. Take into consideration how many pairs of panties you have and often you rotate panties. You shed dead cells and excrete discharge constantly.  You do not want is to put yourself at risk to experience any infection. Hygiene is important factor to consider when deciding when to replace your old panties. 

Consider the wear of your panties. Of course we all know to throw away panties with holes and rips. You also want to replace panties that are fading and stretched out of their original shape. You also should replace panties that have a unpleasant odor. 

 These are a few factors to consider when contemplating  the lifetime of your panties. Don’t wait until your intimates are in a state where you are embarrassed to be seen in them. You are worth the indulgence. 


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