How to Embrace Your Femininity

The beauty of femininity is divineFemininity is an extraordinary gift. It makes us  kinder, gentler, softer, nurturing, more compassionate, and instinctively loving. We are naturally more sensitive and open. Our soft gentle features are enchanting to men, from the sway of our hips to the sparkle in our eyes. We believe in the beauty of embracing your femininity. Here are a few tips to embracing your femininity. 

Love your Womanhood

Womanhood is a sacred state of being. Embrace it. Womanhood is different for each woman. It is important is to understand that your womanhood is a gift. It is special and should be treasured. The beauty of the feminine within your womanhood can never be replaced. Love your gift. 

Self Reflection

Explore your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. We can become so busy working and socializing that we don’t make time to stop and reflect.The feminine is expressed through emotions. Reflect on your emotions and how you feel on inside. You can accomplish this through writing in a journal, meditating, going to therapy or with working with a life coach. 

Creative Expression

Creative expression involves flow, fun, music, art, tenderness, and creativity. You can express yourself through activities such as painting or writing. You may want to learn to cooking a new amazing Thai dish or take classes where you create with your hands.  All of these different ways are to connect with your feminine side. Find activities that foster your creative qualities

Be Playful

Women have a unique spark and a sense of mystery.  Being playful, joyful, positive, and filled with light are a part of your essence. Don’t wait to be spontaneous, relaxed, playful and fun. Do this in the midst of your busy life. Make time to do things that bring you joy and make you smile. Laugh every moment you can. Do things what will help to lighten your mood and stop taking yourself and others so seriously. Enjoy yourself

Trust Your Intuition

Tapping into your intuition is a lost art form. Intuition is the heart of feminine power. Daily meditation is an excellent path to your intuitive side. Trust yourself and allow your feelings govern your path. Of course, there should be a balance between your logic and emotion but consulting with your intuition, will allow you to stop over-thinking every single thing.

Honor Your Sensuality

Sensuality and sexuality can be taboo subjects. A woman may feel a sense of shame around sex, her body and intimacy. Release yourself to connect with your sensuality. Move your hips. Dance alone naked in front of the mirror. Honor the sensual parts of yourself. Prioritize your pleasure. Indulge your desires. 

Try these tips for a week. You will notice a difference in the way you feel and in how you are perceived and received by others. Bring your femininity to the forefront and have fun doing it.

 Rielle Feminine. 

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