I miss you...



"May I sit here?" "Yes", she softly said. He came to sit down beside her. It had been too long since he had seen her.  Her radiant beauty glowed, from her enticing eyes to her sweet lips. He had been busy over the last few days and missed her. As he sat beside her she could feel the skip of her heartbeat. She gave a sweet smile. "Te extraño." She look at him with a look of confusion and curiosity in her eyes. She didn't understand. "¿Te extraño?" "Te extraño.There was a soft furrow of her brows. "I miss you."  There was something beautiful about the way her eyes sparkled when she looked into his eyes. She felt safe. She knew his words were true. "Babe, I know I have been busy with work but I want to do something special with you. I have planned our entire evening." She was the most stunning rose in the garden to him. She was his favorite addiction. The gentle giggle of her laugh was a like a drug. Her sweet scent left him high. He never wanted to experience a withdrawal from her. There was nothing he would not do to love, protect and adore her. 


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