Lingerie Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Women are alluring and magical. From the dip in the small of your back to the sway your hips make when you walk, you are enchanting. There are certain pieces of lingerie that every woman should own.

Is it a g-string? Or crotchless panties with a beautiful garter? Or maybe it is  silky negligee? Here are 10 essential types of lingerie for every woman.

Enchanting Lingerie

Every woman must have lingerie that makes them feel enchanting. This lingerie can be a silky baby doll or a lace teddy. When you wear this lingerie you should feel sensual, soft and alluring. 

Nude to You Bra and Panty Set

There are many beautiful shades of women and nude for each woman will be different. Nude to you should blend in seamlessly with your gorgeous skin. Select a nude to you bra and panty set to complement your body and to go with any attire you have.

Strapless Bra

A great strapless bra goes well with all of your strapless blouses and dresses. It is also essential for attire that is not cut in a manner where your undergarments are left undetected. Remember as an alluring woman you always should have a certain air of mystery which also includes your undergarments. 

Sexy Black Bra and Panty Set

Every woman should have a black bra and panty set that makes her feel seductive and sensual. This set can be worn whenever she wants whether for a date night or a day at the office. You will feel absolutely stunning. 


No matter size you are, shapewear can help to create a more aesthetic look. They can be used to cover any areas of the body you would like. Shapewear ranges from light, firm and extra firm control. You can select from panties, bodysuits, camis, tights, corsets, half slips, and arm shapers to achieve your desired look. 

Comfortable Cotton Panty

Breathable panties are an important part of vaginal health. The vulva is a delicate and sensitive part of your body. Please treat it with great care. Cotton is breathable and it also absorbs moisture which is great for the absorption of vaginal discharge. (Vaginal discharge is normal ladies!)  Panties made from cotton are excellent for your lady parts. 

Sporty Bra

A good sports bra is an integral part of a successful workout regime. There is nothing worse than not being able to concentrate during a high intensity workout session because your bra is not working! Select a bra that allows you to move freely and fully supports your breasts. 

Seamless Panty

 Panty lines are definitely a fashion NO. Seamless panties will not show and still allow you to wear an undergarment. Seamless panties are great for the overall look of your attire. 

Luxurious Robe

A luxury robe is a must in every woman's life! It will make you feel like the divine feminine woman that you are. You can wear it around your home as you lounge or as you pamper yourself. 

A little Lace

Beautiful lacey lingerie is essential for every woman. Lace lingerie makes you feel delicate and soft. It is perfect for a special night or for a just because occasion.

Embrace the softness and femininity of yourself.

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