Lingers on the Sheets


He rolled over to gaze at  her sweet face. Across her face, a smile, that framed her as she slept tranquilly. He thought to himself, "Damn. She is more than I could have ever dreamed of. " He gently traced the outline of her face memorizing every detail. She was soft and delicate to his touch. She stirred out of her sleep to find him gazing at her intently.  "Babe."  She smiled. He let out a low chuckle. " Yes, sweetness? " The baritone of his voice gave her chills. She stepped out of the bed as the scent of her perfume lingered on the sheets. She walked across the room to shower. He was captivated by the shape of her hips. She turned as said, " Are you coming? " She gave him tempting smile. He jumped from the bed as he ran and placed her over his shoulder in a race to the shower. 


Be captivating. 

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