The Best Part



At the end of the bed she slowly rubbed her legs with oil. Her silk robe fell around her shoulders exposing her soft skin. She pulled up her lace pantyhose to her thighs and hooked them on to her garter. Unbeknownst to her, his eyes gazed over her every movement from the doorway. He noticed how graceful she was. From the arch of her back to the way the locks of her hair fell around her shoulders, every little thing about her drove him wild. Her every move called to him.

    He walked calmly behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist placing gentle kisses down her neck.  Spinning her to face him, he swept her off her feet. Her giggles filled the room like music. "Baby, I couldn't resist," his voice charmingly said as he buried his face into her neck. She always felt protected and spontaneous with him. Every moment was a welcomed surprise. He literally swept her off her feet daily. 

 Embrace each moment. 

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