He slowly poured the brandy into her glass. "Tell me when..." She looked at her gold rimmed glass carefully.  Their last time together replayed in her mind. Each kiss, caress, and stroke vividly echoed in her thoughts. The last time they were together, he took exquisite care of every inch of her body leaving her in pure ecstasy.  The clink of their glasses together brought her back to their current reality. Sipping the brandy, she fantasized about what the night would bring. They sat together as she lay her silky smooth legs across his lap. He gently massaged her feet as they talked. Their voices were sweet whispers bouncing off the walls as shadows from the golden candlelight. He rubbed his hand up her thigh gently caressing it. She looked him in his eyes and enticingly whispered, "What do you want me to do to you?"  He was speechless. Her sensuality drew him in like a magnet. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. He twirled her around to embrace her with a deep kiss. His hands ran down her shoulders and the curves of her body. She trailed kisses down his chest as she looked deeply into his eyes.  She slowly intertwined her body into his. The swing and sway of her hips cast a spell around them. Rocking intimately they rode the waves of pleasure, one after the other. 


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