Wait 'til I see you

The scent of roses lingered in the air as she slowly walked around his chair. She gently ran her fingers along his arm. He felt a spark when she touched him. She smiled. He slowly looked her over with his eyes piercing into her. Seductively she undressed before his eyes. She stood before him as a gift. He grabbed her hand. The anticipation for this very moment had been building. Each stolen glance, every wink, each sweet message and every beautiful imagined fantasy ushered to this moment in time. He swept her into his strong arms as he carried her to the bed. She felt the protection of his embrace as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  He gently laid her body down on the sheets as they passionately kissed. Their bodies tangled together as they danced in between the sheets to the rhythm of their love. Sweet moans. Scratches down the back. Intoxicating pleasure. Sweat dripped down the arch of her back as he licked every dip and slope of her body.  She was sweet honeysuckle on his lips. They collapsed together into sheets as he said. "See...I told you wait until I see you." 

Every moment should be worth the wait. 


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